How to create a website from scratch

with Prodáct

step-by-step instruction

Self-creation of a website

Log in to your personal account. Click on the “Create a site” card.

Click "Blank Site".

After that, your site is created and immediately you get to the screen, with the ability to add a page.

Click on the “Add page” button and you will be taken to the selection of available pages.

After that, your site is created, and its first page is also created.

The home page (located at is created first on the site. You can always change the home page in the page settings.

When choosing a page type, you can either use pre-made page templates or start from scratch by creating a blank page (we will consider the second option).

Newly created blank page

The blank page is a blank canvas that you fill in sections to create a finished website. Click "Choose a section" and get started.

Sections can be set in any order and moved during the development of the site. However, we will consider the option of creating a site “from top to bottom”. The top section on most sites is the navigation menu. Menu options and other sections with site navigation are located in the “Navigation” section of the block gallery, select one of them, for example, “Menu”.

You can change the section color, content, links

As well as use the side menu of the section to duplicate, copy, delete, hide the section, or display it on all pages of the site.

Read more about section management in the article: How to work with sections.

We recommend you click "show on all pages" for the "Menu" section. In this case, it will be displayed on all pages of the site, so that it can be used from any page of the site and you do not have to install and refill it every time.

Then you need to start creating the content of the page. Click on the + at the bottom of a section to add a section below.

You will return to the section gallery. Choose where you want to start the story of your site. We recommend the Cover, Services, or Text categories.

Continue your work by completing the homepage with sections that are important to you. Change the background and other parameters in the section settings.

Move sections around the page using the ↑ and ↓ buttons located in the upper right corner of each section.

When the work on the sections is finished, we recommend that you set the “Footer” block (Navigation section in the block gallery) to the bottom of the page and, like the menu, show it on all pages of the site.

Changes are saved automatically, but if you want to see how your site turned out, click on the eye icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. If you want to see the site through the eyes of visitors or want to send someone a link, then click Publish site in the lower left corner of the screen.

Wait for the publication and click the "Open site" button. Your site will be published at the address of the form: and will be available to all Internet users.

You can create any number of site pages following the same principles as described above.

Don't forget to link to new pages from the menu and publish the site if you want to apply changes to the published site.

Create your site yourself

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