How to work with sections?

A section is an element of the site's content and/or functionality. Sections are installed on the pages of the site.

How to install a section?

To install a section on a page, click “Select a section” on an empty page or on the + icon at the bottom of the section, on a page with at least one section.

Pressing will take you to the Section Gallery. Section categories and a search function are located on the left side of the screen, section previews are on the right. Select the section you want to install by clicking on the section preview. The section will be installed on the page.

Basic controls

In the upper right corner, there are ↑ ↓ elements, with which you can move the section around the page.

Also in the right corner is a section control element, marked ... . Clicking on it brings up a list of additional section control options.

Clicking on “Show on all pages” makes the section through, the section will be displayed on all pages of the site, including newly created ones. The function can be disabled from any page of the site by clicking "Show on this page".

“Duplicate” creates an exact copy of the section at the moment of pressing and places it below the duplicated section (movement is possible with the ↑ ↓ buttons).

“Hide”: the section becomes hidden, it is still displayed on the page in hidden mode, but it is not on the site when previewing and publishing.

You can bring back a hidden section by clicking on “Show section” in its control.

"Delete" deletes the section without the possibility of recovery. You will be able to install the same section from the Gallery, but all changes will be lost.

At the top left is the symbol ⚙️, which provides access to the appearance and content of a section.

Pressing activates the side menu bar, which contains several tabs (depending on the section). For example, these can be tabs: View, Buttons, SEO.

"View" allows you to control the appearance of the section.

Namely. "Color" allows you to set the background color over the background image.

"Transparency" defines the transparency of this background (from 0 to 1).

The SEO tab allows you to change the section optimization settings for search engines.

In-place editing is used to manage the text content of a section. To change the text, click anywhere in it with the side plate closed, you can write and delete text, and a text editor will appear.

The buttons are also in-place editable. Click on the text on the button and you will be able to: edit the text of the button and manage the purpose of the link, you can put a link to a section on the current page, another page of the site, or any external site, or its page.

The control of different sections may differ, but the basic principles are the same: the content is controlled through the plate and in place, and the position of the block and its visibility are controlled in the menu on the right.