How to customize the design of your website?

For the site to match your brand's corporate identity, you need to customize the website's design.

We recommend setting up the site design before you start the graphic and text content of the blocks, choosing this way, you will immediately see how your site turns out, and you do not have to do double work.

To set up site styles, go to the Design settings block using the button on the left panel in the page editing mode.

In the design settings, you can manage the color palette of the site, the fonts used, the style of buttons, forms, and more.

Customizing website colors

The site color palette contains several colors that will be used on the site as backgrounds, headings, texts, buttons, and other elements.

If you already have a corporate identity, we recommend using its colors to logically connect the site with other brand media, such as a sign, business cards, booklets, or interior design. Otherwise, choose one of the presets or create your own.

In the created preset, it is desirable that 1 or 2 of the colors be saturated, 1 light, you can also add one very dark and one very light shade, or leave them as black and white by default.

Read more about how to choose colors for your website.

To go to edit a preset, click on the pencil icon next to the colors of the preset.

Click on any color of the set and you will proceed to edit it. It is possible to either fill in the color number in HEX or select the color manually using the color picker. You can also set transparency.

Customizing website fonts

Fonts, like colors, are part of a company's corporate identity. Therefore, if you are already using some fonts on other media (signs, menus, business cards, booklets, and so on), it is better to continue using them on the site.

Similar to colors, you can choose a font set from those offered or create your own.

To start editing, click on the pencil symbol next to the current preset. In the window that opens, you can change the fonts used, as well as the text styles.

Button and form design customization

Using similar principles, you can change other elements of the site's design, including buttons and forms.

We recommend designing buttons and forms in such a way that they fit together. Namely, choose the same rounding angle, and stroke thickness.

The site design customization process usually takes a few minutes and completely changes the look and feel of the site. You can make settings at any stage of the development and use of the site.

To apply changes to the version of your site that your visitors see, you must publish it.